Main Roles

SE person: The basic identity in SE. It is obtained automatically after the player enters SE.

Earth Alliance citizen: The Earth Alliance citizens enjoy the benefits and some powers of Earth Alliance. Due to the limited membership, it can be obtained only when there is a vacant space. Acquisition method: Purchasing an Earth Alliance citizenship card or complete specific missions of Earth Alliance.

Bionic human: The artificial intelligence robots in SE are divided into many categories according to their purposes. They can be employed by players, can be upgraded and strengthened, and can be trained by AI.

Pet: In SE, you can keep various pets, some of which are functional, and some are purely for viewing and playing. Pets can be bred, traded and trained.

Earth Alliance Committee: Senior members of the Earth Alliance Committee are the top 101 Oasis citizens holding the most SEG tokens. Committee members are reviewers of initiatives. There are rewards for members participating in Earth Alliance governance activities, which are paid bythe treasury of Earth Alliance.

Guardian: Earth Army service members, consisting of players and bionic humans, have the state-of-the-art weaponry and command systems. Players can become soldiers or officers of the Earth Army during their service, and receive salary or mission rewards. The treasury of the Earth Alliance pays salaries and incentives.

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