SE, composed of ocean and continental plates, has similarities to and differences with the real earth, and the similarities and differences need to be further determined by exploration.
The Earth Alliance divides it roughly into the following areas:
[Protection zone] It refers to the area controlled by the Earth Alliance, accounting for about 35% of the SE area. The player enters the initial land of SE. The Earth Alliance formulates rules and maintains the order. The area is protected by a powerful alliance army, so there is almost no danger. Players can live and work here in peace and contentment, so it is also called the "Garden of Eden". The core area is located at the southernmost end of the SE.
[Buffer zone] It refers to some areas between the protected area and the unknown area, accounting for about 15% of the SE area. Organizations and bases can be established here. All forces work together to formulate rules and maintain order, and the joint force is responsible for security. The forces here are intricate and complex with frictions and wars occuring often, so this area is also known as the "Area of Chaos".
[Unknown zone] It refers to the area where individuals or teams can explore and conquer, accounting for about 50% of the SE area. There are many dangerous local forces and rich resources in this area. The land here can be occupied and the resources can be plundered. Once you own the land here, you can establish a country, so it is also called the "Terra Nullius".