Non-Fungible Token.
Materials in SE can be freely minted into NFTs on various public chains. Minting NFT has different cooling time and costs.
NFT can be withdrawn from SE to wallet for on-chain transactions, or can be placed in SE from wallet to use as materials.
The NFT generation method includes initial distribution and player production. The initially released NFT is publicly released by the project team and can be used directly as new materials in the new version. The NFT is generally released before the launch of each phased version, the number of releases is fixed, and each initial NFT is issued only once. A portion of the initial NFT will be reserved and put into the Earth Alliance treasury. The NFTs that have not been minted completely after the cease of release will also be deposited into the treasury of Earth Alliance. The NFT made by the player refers to the NFT minted from the new materials which are firstly made by the players after the new version is launched.