Earth Alliance

The Earth Alliance is the largest and oldest organization in SE. The country established by it is called Oasis, which accounts for about 35% of the area of SE. It has set of normative smart contracts. The Earth Alliance controls the SE ecological balance by creating development conditions for novice players, motivating players to develop economy and create civilization. The Earth Alliance protects the lives and property of citizens within its territory from being plundered by other organizations or countries.
The Earth Alliance has the treasury and the capability to mint NFTs. Funds and materials obtained from the activities or services carried out by the Earth Alliance will enter the treasury, and will be reinvested into the SE economy for market adjustment according to market conditions.
The Earth Alliance charges relevant fees from the countries established by players.
Funds in the Earth Alliance treasury will be used for community building, Genesis Card holder dividends, committee’s salaries, alliance army’s salaries, mission rewards and developer team’s remuneration, etc.
The Earth Alliance has multiple management organizations, of which the core management organization is the Earth Alliance Committee, a decentralized autonomous organization. The military organization of the Earth Alliance is called the Earth Army. The personnel of the committee and the earth army can be assumed by the players. The methods of selection include election, application and recruitment, etc.