Second Earth Metaverse

The design concept is advanced and sublime, and the details will be improved and announced gradually.

Second Earth, referred to as SE for short, is a great metaverse with 3D sandbox, simulated earth ecology, open big world, online multiplayer, equal global service and rich gameplay methods. She is an open, free, inclusive virtual space parallel to the real world. You will witness the birth of a new world and a new civilization. You will participate in the development process from creation to eternity. Here you will start a brand-new second life and write your own legendary story. Everything is possible here!

In SE, Free to Play, Play and Earn, DeFi Earn, PGC to earn and Reality into virtual to earn are available.

SE runs on both PC and mobile terminal and supports VR, AR and other smart wearable devices. That are Pre-development with Unity, and Post-development with UE.

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