Play and Earn

  • Mission: Players accept and complete missions to get rewards. The publishers of the missions include countries, forces and players. The missions are released through smart contracts. There are no restrictions on the types of missions, including but not limited to scavenging, reconnaissance, assassination, protection and transportation.

  • Employment: The player can find a suitable employer and sign a smart contract with it to work for it and earn corresponding remuneration.

  • Landlord: The owner of the land who taxes, rents or sells the land.

  • Basic resources: engage in the generation of basic resources and the sale of the acquired resources.

  • Making: A factory is established to manufacture and sell items.

  • Trade: Materials from different regions are gathered and resold at a profit.

  • Transportation: The transportation services between different regions are provided.

  • Guard: The armed protection services are provided.

  • Robbery: Armed robbery, which may be punished by various organizations or countries.

  • Lease: Items and equipment are rented out for profit.

  • Operation: The market, gambling, pawning and other facilities are established.

  • Taxation: The business tax and other taxes within the scope of the country are collected.

  • Expedition: Players go to an unknown area to explore to obtain items.

  • War: The resources of other players, forces and countries are plundered through war.

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